Cold Black

Cold Black

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Steeped Ethiopia Sidamo & Brazil Cerrado blend coffee grounds for 48 hours, filtered then bottled for your strong coffee kick.


Coffee beans used: Ethiopia Sidamo & Brazil Cerrado, Medium Roast


    1. Our cold white is best consumed within 30 days from date of production.
    2. Expiration date is found behind the bottle in this format (mmddyy).
    3. Our cold black is hand crafted and have been made without preservatives.
    4. We highly encourage that the cold brews are to be stored in a fridge temperature of 0° C to 4° C to maintain quality.
    5. Once cold brews have been opened, kindly consume immediately to avoid spoilage.

    1. Upon arrival of cold brews, we highly encourage our customers to taste atleast 1 bottle to check if there is any off taste from the coffee.
    2. If any sourness or thick like texture has been noticed, kindly inform us directly so that we can have another batch delivered or you can opt for a refund which we will return in full.
    3. Due to our cold brews being hand crafted, our cold brews do not contain preservatives. These are highly sensitive to contamination.

    1. We deliver via third party couriers depending on availability. We usually use Lalamove, Joyride or Maxim for the delivery of our items.
    2. If you have a preferred courier, you can add them in the notes section or kindly contact us directly.
    3. Ordering via our website has a fixed rate on delivery depending on your location.